The Journey's Logbook

Discover the waters we paddled and the places we explored through this interactive map and the daily galleries below.


Day 1

From Sa Mesquida to Illa de n'Adaia

We started the journey from Sa Mesquida, a small and beautiful village. It was a super sunny day, and Menorca's rocky coast was just stunning. We managed to camp on a tiny island and spent a quiet night far away from any hustle bustle.

Day 2

From Illa de n'Adaia to Cavalleria

In the early morning we had our first sunrise of the trip. Breathtaking! We tried fishing for the first time and guess what, we got lucky! We passed the famous Fornells village but decided to paddle until Cavalleria beach, a perfect spot to spend our second night in the wild.

Day 3

From Cavalleria to Cala Morell

After another glorious sunrise we kept heading west. The sea was a bit rough, making the experience more exciting. This part of the coast is full of impressive cliffs and some caves. We explored as much as we could until we got to Cala Morell to enjoy a well-deserved beer before camping.

Day 4

From Cala Morell to Son Xoriguer

This was a long day paddling. We went all the way south until Cala Son Xoriguer, trying to avoid the crowds of Ciutadella. By the time we got there, there were still plenty of tourists but everyone left before night fell. We managed to get a couple of sunbeds to spend the night a bit more comfortably.

Day 5

From Son Xoriguer to Binigaus

Our first day in the southern coast. Totally different from the north, this coast is blessed with calm crystal waters and a bunch of tiny wonderful beaches. It was a delight to go all the way until Binigaus beach.

Day 6

From Binigaus to Binidali

The day started cloudy and windy, a sign of what was to come. We were surprised by a storm in the middle of the morning. We had to stop for a while but in the meantime we managed to see some local parade and eat some "churros", a well-known Spanish speciality. We paddled until it was dark, stopping in a deserted beach somewhere around Binidali.

Day 7

From Binidali to Sa Mesquida

We encountered our last day in the sea! We passed in front of Maho, the capital of Menorca. On the way we caught a couple of fish, stoked!. We arrived back at our departure point, Sa Mesquida, where we cooked our lunch. We spent our last night on the beach, feeling blessed for having completed such an amazing journey!